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Why Does Dog Breeds Look So Different, But Cats Don’t ? – Check Out

Why Does Dog Breeds Look So Different, But Cats Don't ? - Check Out

Why Does Dog Breeds Look So Different, But Cats Don’t ? – Check Out

We know that there is a large diversity between dog breeds. Like we have large dogs and small dogs, similarly we have long-legged dogs, flat-faced dogs and heck and many more.

But in cats, the most significant differences is that some cats have folded ears, and some cats have no tail. But the most important to some extent they all look alike . So here question arises – why is it so? How come we have so many dog breeds and so few cat breeds?, Lets check out here –

The reason behind fewer cat breed is that –

Currently, there are 42 recognized cat breeds in the U.S. and 8 cat breed in India and the World Canine Organization, acknowledges 340 dog breeds in US and 9 Indian dog breeds.

Unexpected variations in the looks of an animal that’s been bred are seen – like unusual size, lack of a tail, curly hair or peculiar markings, these all are the result of genetic mutations, which appear naturally all the time, and are then perpetuated through generations by people who find the new trait appealing, according to Lyons.

Even though the basic body plan says one thing, mutations occur, and humans select for the ones they prefer.

Both cats and dogs lived side by side with people long before distinct breeds emerged but as the human-dog relationship or partnership developed, they quickly realized that dogs could perform highly specialized tasks. Through selective breeding, people living in different environments began shaping dogs that could help humans survive.

So the answer to the above question is clear now isn’t it?

Crossbreeding and selection for particular traits played the biggest role in the amazing diversity we see running around the dog park today.

Why Does Dog Breeds Look So Different

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