Want To Keep Hamsters as Pets ? - Check Out The Pros & Cons

Want To Keep Hamsters as Pets ? – Check Out The Pros & Cons

Among Most popular small pets and especially for children, are hamsters. They are Solitary in nature, can be easily looked after and can be handled easily.

Pawsibilties are here with a guide for beginners guide assessing whether a hamster might be right for you – or your children – and what to expect if you decide to take the decision.

Pros & Cons

In spite of being domesticated for decades, every pet has bad points as well as good points. The most important thing is to understand what these points are so that you can make our decision wisely about whether a hamster might be appropriate for your situation or not.


Check out the Pros

  • Hamsters as pets are very simple and easy to look after. With advance technology, we now have a wide assortment of specialist equipment to make their care simple. for example, you can get bags of dry hamster food, toys that have been tested for safety and secure cages in which to keep your hamster.
  • They are very clean animals. Most hamsters will quickly get into the habit of using just one corner for their roughage purpose, as a result of this habit, cleaning hamsters also becomes easy.
  • Their cheek pouches are fascinating to watch your child will love them. Fill up the food bowl and watch your hamster busily trying to cram as much as possible into its pouches before stumbling back to its bed and depositing the food into a secret “cache”.


  • Hamsters do not need a companion to live with like most pets do.

Check out the Cons

The cute little hamsters have numerous aspects that make them great pets. However, they are far from perfect.

  • Hamsters have quite bad eyesight. They tend to sense things by sound, smell and taste, which means they are more pron to biting.
  • Specially the children needs to be very careful of a hamsters bite as it very painfull for sometime. But yes, there have been numerous occasions where a child has grown fearful of their hamster after finding it hanging off their finger a few too many times.
  • They are up throughout the night which means they spend most of the day curled up asleep unless they’re disturbed.

Hamsters can make suitable pets for children’s under the supervision of an adult. If a hamster has been handled properly from a young age, and your child is taught how to hold it properly, bites should be kept to a minimum.

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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