Pets Digestive Disorders - Check Out the Factors & Prevention Measures

Pets Digestive Disorders – Check Out the Factors & Prevention Measures

We have seen the cat and dog owners have to deal with behavioral abnormalities associated with their nutrition. Your dog may try to eat something which is not intended for food or not to eat at all, similarly a cat may sometime like eating pickle or sweets that are usually not good for them.

How to react and what to do in such situations, when and which intervention is necessary lets check out here

Refusal to Eat – Known as Anorexia

lack of appetite

Lack of appetite is a symptom of many diseases for humans as well as animals, and it may take a long time to be back to normal. Most importantly do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian at any point of time. Some reasons which are crucial for reduction or loss of appetite:

  • Food and territorial competition, this will usually happen if you have a dominant dog and he does not let the subordinate specimen to come to its bowl resulting in avoiding food.
  • State of stress associated with the abrupt change of the animal’s environment.
  • Social problems and fear of the dominant dog make it impossible to approach the place of feeding, without mentioning a fact of eating itself.

In such competition between animals, make sure you divide their eating places, and feed them at separate places  make sure that a dominant dog will not drive the weaker away from its feeding place, then slowly try to make them friendly by training and making them eat at one place.

dog overeating

  • Your furry friend will also not eating food if they are  dry or hardened and even they will not drink water if its not fresh, so make you always give them fresh food and fresh water should be their in their bowl to avoid any kind of disease.
  • When your dog refuses food or eats less than usual, do not start replacing their food with more delicious food which they will eat because doing this, your furry friend whether a cat or dog will get a habit of grabbing attention towards delicious food which further results in appetite failure.

Another common problem of loss of appetite is pamperedness –  that is inspite of availability of their food, they have tendencies to eat food from table or they are more interested in what your are eating. The situation is very similar , Like when spoiled children are trying to kill appetite by taking candies and chips between wholesome foods.

So to avoid this all you need to do is limit the time of food access, cleaning the bowl between feedings and allotting a specific short time for a dog to eat and train them when you are eating they should not come for food near you.

And do not forget to involve a most important step when correcting the appetite you should increase physical activity this will help them a lot and keep them healthy and happy.

The uncontrolled appetite – Known as Bulimia



A dog can become a foodaholic due to hormonal disorder like diabetes, hypercorticalism, lack of luteal hormone, just out of boredom and because of insufficient caloric intake or in presence of digestion disturbances in the stomach, intestines or pancreas they will overeat or they are hungry every time. It is very important to keep an eye on the quantity and quality of the consumed food, their body weight and behavior will help you to find a logical reason for changing towards food at an early stage.

The perverted appetite – Known as Pica

The appetite can be seen if your dog is eating soil, consuming like potato peelings, onion peel, eating cotton or wool form their toys. This is associated with the lack of vitamins and minerals, which they are trying to fill up in any possible way.

The grass eating, followed by vomiting, is associated with physiologic disorder of stomach function that precedes the gastritis development or nutritional discomfort due to poor quality of food or overeating.

Let’s take an example

  • Suppose your dog or cats like whitewashed wood or whitewashed wall then the problem is in lack of potassium and calcium in them.
  • If you see your dog eats rotten vegetables or they try to pick up carrion on the street – this is because of deficiency in digestive enzymes and Vitamin B.
  • And if they eating wool form their toys this means lack of biotin, vitamin D & gilein.

So it is vey important to feed your dog with a course of appropriate vitamins and minerals to refill the shortage in the body to avoid such reoccurrences in future.

Almost all kinds of food behavioral disorder can be treated and corrected, but yes you have to understand one thing that will take and time, so you have to stick with the strict adherence to the regimen of working with the dog and its feeding. Therefore, we suggest all pet owner and their family to be patient as failure to follow the diet will not only complicate their health and behavior, but will also shorten their life span.

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