Why Dogs Have Long & Floppy Ears? - Everything Your Can Learn About Your Dog Ears

Why Dogs Have Long & Floppy Ears? – Learn About Your Dog Ears

Why do many domesticated animals, which includes dogs have long ears?, while many have ears that are upright and erect?

Without a thought Ears are one of the most defining qualities of a dog. You can learn many things form your dog’s ears. Like, an erect and triangular ears can give you an idea that your dog is alert and ready for any kind of action.

When it comes to dogs with long ears, many of them are known as hound dogs, they are group of dog breeds who are primarily used for hunting and based upon what function they carry out, each dog breed is separated explicitly into specific groups, such as working, hound, non-sporting, herding group, and so on.

If We compare today’s domesticated dog with their wolf ancestors, then we can see several physical differences that could be a result of this domestication syndrome. Dogs have shorter muzzles, smaller jaws, smaller brains, less adrenaline, and floppy ears.

The drooping seen in the dogs ear or you can call it floppy ears is due to the disuse of the muscles in ear. If all the cells don’t reach the ears, then ears are slightly deformed, or floppy.

Cells that were supposed to contribute to their ear structure never made it to the top of the head, even if they did, they were in a weak condition resulting in deformed ear, which means they does not stand up on its own. Continued breeding passed the trait on through generations of dogs, and now it’s a regular occurrence.

Floppy ears in dogs is now very natural. Even breeds who are highly alert in nature have floppy ears. Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherd are all generally pictured with pointy ears, but it’s not uncommon for individual dogs to have droopy ears.

We often see the dogs with long, floppy ears always ready for a nap or on the verge of dozing off. However, that doesn’t mean their personality matches the look.

Much like humans, their physical features can be misleading. But one thing is for certain, dogs with long ears have a certain appeal. Because of this, We have mentioned some long-eared dog breeds to get you acquainted with them.


Hunting dogs

This breed has the history as a pack hunters, therefore this breed prefers the company of either other dogs or humans and as they have a strong intense to explore and search for the prey they can easily be distracted with unusual smells. Therefore, while in a walk, always have the leash on them.



They are one of the oldest hunting breeds. By their scent these breed can find anything or everything. They love to spend time with other dogs and children. Make sure that you take them for Long walks with a strong leash, as their nose can lead them to trouble, they know to be stubborn if not trained on time, so training is a must for them.

Basset Hound

Bassett Hound

They have extremely long ears which make them exceptional hunters. They have keen sense of smell and gentle dispositions that makes this breed an efficient hunting dog.

English Cocker Spaniel


Known for energetic, responsive, and overall extremely merry, because of  their spirit and energy level, they are one of the best known dog breeds within a sporting group. In short we can name them as balance dogs.

Black-and-Tan Coonhound

Floppy ears of dogs

They are friendly, easygoing, and they love the company. They are also very social, if you leave this dog alone often and for a long time they will bark a lot. They are no strangers anxiety if neglected emotionally. They have a strong hunting sence, therefore they love being outdoors

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