Lola The Pitbull Adopted After Staying in Shelter For 400 days

🙂 Lola The Pitbull Adopted After Staying in Shelter For 400 days  🙂

Have you ever seen a happy dog? indeed she is happy with a smile on her face, she is finally adopted. :)Finally a good news came!!! so happy – A beautiful Pitbull who spent more than 400 days in an animal shelter has finally found her home. Humane Society of Wickenburg shelter in Arizona, United States, rescued the dog named Lola along with her six puppies after living on the streets for months.

lola the beautiful dog

In more than 30 states in the U.S, shelters and pounds animals cannot be kept for more than 1–7 days. Holding period laws determine the minimum required period an animal must be kept before their adoption, sold, or euthanised.

Although the Wickenburg folks tried their hardest to place her, they weren’t able to and so enlisted the help of the Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Project Reachout Program – an initiative to save pets by working with other shelters.


She unfortunately waited for long, meanwhile her pups go to new home but was left behind waiting, to find one of her own. She was transferred to the Arizona Humane Society for a change of scenery and a hope of finding a new owner.

And with this move of the Human society, in less than 24 hours,  Lola was adopted by her new parents and she has moved in with her new family.

Lola The Pit Bull

Its very sad that inspite of  being a well-behaved good girl, potty trained, and loves getting belly rubs, why did it took so long to get adopted. But now she is living the sweet life with her forever family in Mesa, Arizona we wish her a happy and wonderful life ahead and a big thinks to the team of Arizona Humane Society for helping her find the forever home, and a lots of love to the family who adopted her.

We often see people adopt puppies separating them from her mother, which is really very heart breaking, the mother’s love is most essential whether its an animal or a human baby. So our request to every people out there if possible please adopt they mother as well along with the puppies. Please do not separate them.

At last Pitbull are not at all dangerous so please stop abusing them and save them and adopt them, they are as loving than any other dog.

Lola The Pitbull Adopted

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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