Festive Season Around - Fireworks & Their Impact On Animals - Please Do Not Burst Crackers

Fireworks & Their Impact On Animals – Please Do Not Burst Crackers đź’Ą

People are ready and eager for the fireworks with only a a week left for the festival Diwali celebrated in India and off course in coming month Christmas and New Year will be celebrated all across the globe.  But have you thought about animals and birds? for them it is veritably the worst time of the year, isn’t it?.

If nothing convinces people to stop bursting crackers, just remember the bad effect, Its basically like a terrorist attack for frightened, traumatised animals.

Often animals during this time try to hide themselves, they are unable accept the loud noise of crackers. The fact that dogs and cats have highly sensitive hearing abilities, they hear everything and anything that the human ear cannot. That is the main reason why sounds of continuous loud bursts are literally nerve-racking for them.

The noise fireworks is a threat to many animals. Firework triggers their fight-or-flight response. If we have take an example of the most common dogs. They will bark at loud noise and try to run away or hide somewhere. He/she may show other signs of anxiety, like restlessness, panting, pacing and whining.

Loud Noise of Fireworks cause Physical damage to the Ears of animals

If we compare to humans ear, then hearing of many animals is more sensitive, which means the explosions and loud noise of fireworks are not only disturbing to them, but they can also damage their hearing more severely. 190 db is value which is emitted from fireworks, Fireworks generate a higher noise level than firecrackers, gunshots (140 decibels, and some jet planes 100 decibels.

fireworks and firecrackers noise may lead to loss of hearing and tinnitus. Apart form these harm, the loud noise caused by fireworks can harm animals by causing fear and loud noises can also cause phobias in many animals, increasing panic reactions to loud noises in the there future.

Dog in fireworks

The effects of fireworks on animals can be observed very clearly in zoos, the noise of fireworks makes animals such as rhinos and cheetahs very nervous, also visibly affecting others such as elephants, while rodents continue running minutes after the noises cease.

Street dogs get affected more by the harmful effects of Diwali. It can leave a bad impact on their hearing ability and can turn them restless. A lot of people who burst crackers believe that since it’s only for one evening, there is no real harm done. But we have to understand that all of a sudden such loud noise and fireworks push them to a stressed and confused state, with signs of stress include whining, fear, loss of appetite, salivation and defecation inside the house.


The noise of firecrackers can cause birds tachycardia and even death by fright. The high degree of stress birds experience is indicated by the fact that birds may temporarily or permanently abandon the places where they are

How To Keep Stray and Your pets safe

We no doubtly enjoy this festive mode by preparing a good food for our self, Similarly feed a proper meal to your pets, and please do not forget the stray animals. This will help them stay energized and build the willingness to play around. further distracting them from the noise and the most important put them to bed as early as possible.

Fireworks and animals

Not only it harms them but the pollution during these festive times also increases significantly which unfortunately causes  a lot of issues with birds, so you can keep keep water bowls in the balconies so that the bird can refresh themselves easily every time.

We urge people need to be more open with stray dogs and cats in adopting them and change their perception towards them.

Caution!!!!! Never scold your dog or any other animal even if they are getting frightened from the noise of crackers. Just give your 100% to calm them down and most important thing – love them as much as you can!

Fireworks & Their Impact On Animals

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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