Great News Coming in From Sri lanka - Rescuers Rush to Save Beached Pilot Whales

:)100 Beached Whales Saved Off from Sri lanka Sea Shore 🙂

Indeed a great rescue operation by the Sri lankan rescue team and navy!!! A big thanks to them. More than 100 whales stranded on a Sri Lankan beach, they were saved by an overnight rescue operation.

Unfortunately 🙁 among 100 of them, Three pilot whales and one  beautiful dolphin died because of injuries. This mass beaching happened near the city of Panadura, south of the capital Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Some of the whales were very tired as they fought whole night to stay afloat, but unfortunately didn’t have enough strength to go to deep sea. That is reason 3 of them died.

The whole rescue operation was conducted by the navy people, and most important the environmental protection officers, police and local residents also helped them in this rescue operation.

Hat’s off to the local villagers of sri lanka who in-spite of fear of corona-virus & curfew without any doubt joined the navy and coast guard and helped push the small whales back into deeper water so that they could swim back into the ocean.

Most of them were saved by the local people around, which is a very good sign of humanity.

Whale beaching are very uncommon. The reason behind this often unknown, but it can be said that, the whales might follow the fishes to shore & further becoming disorientated.

Pilot whales are highly social mammals and they are known for stranding in groups because they travel in large, close-knit communities relying on constant communication.

Sri Lanka’s Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) stated that the Panadura incident was the largest single pod of whales stranded in the south Asian country.


Late back in September similar kind of incident took place –  several hundred whales died on the coast of Tasmania in Australia making it one of the country’s biggest stranding on record and one of the largest in the world.

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