Worried About Separation Anxiety in Your Dog? - Check Out How to Overcome It

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Check out How to Overcome It

Pawsibilties are here again to help your dog from separation anxiety but before that Let us understand first what is separation anxiety?

It is a distressed state of mind which is the main cause to side effects on a dog’s behavior. It’s a form of anxiety that your furry friend undergoes whenever he/she is left alone. In short you can also relate it to behavioral changes but not 100%.

Various Types of the Disorder:

Below is the list of disorders that can help you to understand separation anxiety in your dog easily

True Separation Anxiety: Dog is suffering form this disorder when they starts to show behavioral issues specifically in the absence of a person, even though other family members or dogs are around. Just like us, we mourn over the loss of our loved ones, dogs too get attached to their pet parent. This is found mostly in shelter dogs and can be overcomed.

False Separation Anxiety: Now this is something which most of the dogs show in order to gain attention form their owners, and its actually the owners or parents fault who do not care or spend time with their pet.For example when the dog parent nurtures a bad behavior in a dog, they make the dog believe that it is going to be rewarded for those kinds of actions, and slowly this becomes a habit before the owner can realize it.

Isolation Anxiety: This mostly happens whenever your furry friend is left alone. So, to overcome this if possible make you can get a companion for your dog or some person who can take care of him.

separation anxiety

Claustrophobic phobia: Now in this disorder a your furry friend feels as if he/she is trapped and contained in a place and constantly tries to escape by chewing up the doors or destroying whatever he/she see’s around.

So you should have a proper knowledge of all these types of disorders in order to overcome separation anxiety in dogs. Determining the correct disorder is the first and important step towards treatment of separation anxiety.

Symptoms of these disorders:

  • Constant barking, howling, whining, restlessness, panting,
  • Destruction  (pillows, sofas, and other furniture, eating plants)
  • Vomiting
  • Chewing stuff (especially things you touched recently)
  • not eating food
  • When you come home, dog follows you around the house

Check out the ways to Overcome Separation Anxiety

Trust: Creating a strong bond with your pet makes him/her a happy and healthy dog with no signs of separation anxiety.

  • Take your dog to walk everyday.
  • Talk to them often doesn’t matter they don’t understand your language.
  • Play tug of war with a rope

Try Crate Training: try crate training your dog as soon as you get him home. You can do this by feeding your dog in his/her comfy bed so that your furry friend gets proper sleep. This way the dog will develop positivity and you can take advantage of this to overcome separation anxiety.

Exercise:  This not only plays an important role in overcoming separation anxiety, but it also gives your furry friend a happy and healthy. Exercise helps your dogs release energy which makes them calmer and more relaxed, reducing his destructive behaviors like chewing up the sofa and other stuffs.

Always keep interactive toys: These toys can keep your dog busy and that way he/she won’t have the time to think about you.

Best solution play an audio book or music (like dog music): This not only keeps them calm but also bring positive impact on the dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety, as it makes your furry friend believe that he/she is not alone.

Hope next time you leave them alone you can use these ways, keep them healthy and happy always.

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