Breaking News form Hawaii: Historic Animal Rescue Flight Provides Home To Hundreds of Hawaii Shelter Animals

🙂 Hawaii Animal Rescue Flight – Provides Home To Shelter Animals 🙂 

Despite of ongoing Coronavirus pandemic across the globe, yet another great initiative coming in by Hawaii’s animal shelters, they have taken on a major challenge.

We all are aware of The Wings of Aloha transfer program that provides off island adoptions and unfortunately this has been on a pause since last six months due to pandemic because they were unable to help the animals with adoption procedure.


To resolve this Wings of Rescue and Greater Good Charities have come up with a unique and perfect solution, ” it’s the largest pet rescue flight in history” sound’s amazing isn’t it?

Hurrah!!!! More than 600 dogs and cats from almost five shelters across Hawaii are receiving a second chance.

Earlier this week dozens of staff, along with volunteers and foster families worked day and night to prepare their furry friends for a safe flight. They made sure they have got their water dishes, their special travel food, special travel medicine and all other things which they will be needing in order to make them comfortable.

The Paws Across Pacific flight took months in making. As Greater Good Charities’ only goal was to relieve as many shelters on each island as possible.

Animal Rescue flight

They started on Kauai then moved to Maui, where they had another plane coming in from Lanai,they picked up those animals and will make their way to Oahu and pick up Honolulu’s animals and then they made it over to the Big Island where they had two organizations waiting with those.

Animal rescue

With this great initiative – form Island by island & kennel to kennel, hundreds of shelter animals made their way into the massive Hercules C-130 plane. The Paws Across Pacific Flight successfully landed in Seattle Thursday morning.

Around 120 of the cats and dogs will continue their journey to shelters in Washington state, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. The most important and exciting part is many of them are already adopted :).

Happily these animals not only landed safely, they also got there forever home and that is just amazing, great work done by the whole team of Paws Across Pacific flight hats off to them!!!! glad that we have people who really care for animals.

Hawaii Animal Rescue Flight

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