Why Does My furry Friend Shed So Much? - All You Should know about Dog Shedding

Dog Shedding- Why Does My furry Friend Shed So Much?

People have many questions like, why my dog shed so much? Does he have any disease, how to manage the excessive shedding? On demand Pawsibilties are here again to help you out with all these queries.

Dog shedding is a natural phenomenon, the amount and frequency of hair fall depends upon the breed type and their health. Mostly the dog shed in the spring season. During the pregnancy and lactation many dogs loses hair. If your furry friend is always kept indoor then there are many chances that they will shed throughout the year.

Lets take example of dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands, and Pekingese they tend to shed a lot. On the other hand other dogs like Dachshunds, Poodles, and Border Terriers seem to be almost shed-free. There are specific reasons why some dogs shed and others don’t shed.

Various dog breeds shed in different amounts, Some shed seasonally, while others shed year-round. This actually depends on the type of coat your dog. For eg A Golden Retriever, he/she has a thicker double-coat which makes them more likely to shed year-round.

Symptoms of Shedding

The symptoms of excessive hair loss includes your dog’s hair feeling brittle or dry, shedding more hair than normal, and the appearance of bald patches which can be circular or irregularly shaped. Hair loss might also be focused on a specific region or generalized across your dog’s whole body.

What are the causes of excessive shedding?

  • It may be because of some health issue like, Fungal or bacterial infections, parasites (lice, mite).
  • It may be because of lack of nutrient in their diet.
  • They may have some food allergic.
  • It may be because of Kidney, liver, thyroid or adrenal disease.
  • They may have very lower immune system.

How to manage the excessive shedding

Although it is very difficult to manage, if your dog’s hair falls excessively, if you have furniture made of fabric than it is a real nightmare. The best way is you can brush your furry friend with proper brush every morning or whenever you feel suitable. Always ask your vet or grooming partner for suitable brush, it may vary depends upon the bread and their skin coat. You need to add a healthy meal to your dog diet plan, you can also increase the frequency of bath with recommended dog shampoo, this will prevent the dog with parasite like lice, mite etc and also the dead hair will remove from his/her body.

For dogs that shed seasonally, most shedding will occurs in the spring and fall and this is because in the spring season your dog’s coat will become lighter, in preparation for the warm weather. Similarly, in preparation for winter season,  a change in your dog’s coat and a higher incidence of shedding can be seen.

When should you be worried & When to see the vet?

Every time hair lose in a dog is not normal, it may be because of some health issues. If you notice following conditions in your pet, please visit the vet immediately.

  • If you notice a dull or brittle hair in your canines which can be removed by touching his/her body.
  • If you see a dry or bald patch in his/her body.
  • If hairs fall is uneven.
  • If your dog licks his/her foot or rub their face constantly.

Dog Shedding

Take good care of your furry friend and keep visiting us for latest updates about your pet.

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