Is it Recommended To Keep Wild Animal As Pets? Let's Check Out

Can Wild Animals Be Kept as Pets? – Check out Here

There are thousand of million species like birds, mammals are kept as pets around the world. Because you love animals does not means you can keep any wild animals as pets. Pawsibilties are here again to give the information on whether it is recommended to keep a wild animal as pets.

Wild animals’ needs cannot be fulfilled in our home environment. This limits their natural behavior which will badly affect their mental and physical health. We believe that wild animals belong in the wild, not as pets. The reality is that a life in captivity is a world away from a life in the wild.

Wild Animals as Pets

Export and import of wild animals are very cruel and their trade are growing very fast. Animals has to travel a long distance in compact environment because of this many wild animals dies in transit before reaching to their final destination.

Does that make me wrong? If I have a wild animal as pet.

Animals always bring joy in our lives, so many people have question why we cannot keep them as part of our family at home? The truth behind this is any wild animal that find itself caught in the pet trade experiences suffering.
Wild animals require much more care than a domesticated animal. Still we are not equipped enough to provide proper care to the wild animals. While keeping some exotic pets may be less cruel than others, no wild animal can have its needs met entirely in bondage.

How to care if you have an exotic animal

If you already have an exotic animal in your home, it is very important to seek for expert advice from a vet doctor to check that you are taking proper care of exotic animal needs. In most of the cases the exotic pet store would not give much information about the best way to care the animals, this will leaves a new pet owner in dark and always have a doubt whether they are meeting their pets need or not. We always encourage the animal lover to give their pets a better life for long as they can. We recommend you to not buy another exotic pet in the future.

Do not release your exotic pet

In future if you are no longer able to take care do not leave them abandoned, we encourage you to surrender the pet to local wildlife sanctuary or rescue group. Make sure you properly investigate the organization before surrendering your pet. This is to ensure that none of the animals under their care are re-entering the commercial or entertainment trade. Under any conditions do not release your pet into wild or jungle, many of these animals are not native to our ecosystems and will become invasive, resulting in a imbalance in the biodiversity leading to death of several animals.

Global problems require global solutions

Its high time that Governments across the world must act & ban the global trade of wildlife . Wildlife trade is increasing the risks to both human and animal health, compromising with animal welfare, and further placing biodiversity under unsustainable pressure is the result of what we are facing today. You can raise your voice for wildlife by making a promise to keep wild animals in the wild and not buy them as pets.

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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