Can Dogs See Things Which Humans Can’t? - Check Out Here

Can Dogs See Things Humans Can’t? – Check Out Here

Most of us know that dogs can hear and smell things that humans can’t, but do you know there are things you can’t see that your dog can?

Dogs have the tremendous ability to see ultraviolet light which means their world is almost similar to us and because pups can see UV rays, they see a whole lot more than you or I ever could.

A Dog’s hearing Level surpasses a human’s, and they have the ability to hear high pitched noises from a much greater distance. Dogs auditory perception is an area where they perceive the world around them in a different way from human beings . These differences are the ability to pick up on different and undetectable phenomenons that we humans do not.

Our furry friend’s field of vision is much wider than ours, that means they can see objects at a greater distance, and their ability to see in twilight, dusk, and dawn is far superior than ours, making it possible to pick up certain movements that are undetectable to the human eye.

Dogs are cute and fascinating and there is still much uncertainty when it comes to the abilities of man’s best friend. Their senses are highly attuned.

The Sixth Sense

Gut feeling in dogs

In addition to the five senses  that is sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, dogs also possess a sixth sense — that is a “gut” feeling. Human’s also get the gut feeling when something doesn’t feel right. But the difference is that dogs are more open to trusting what they feel and acting on those feelings accordingly, while if we talk about us then most people’s minds analyze what’s going on and deny the possibility that something is wrong. Dogs are great creatures with senses that far exceed a human’s.

Let’s give you an example of sixth sense – When a dog runs and sits by the door waiting for his owner this behavior could be a habit simply learned through repetition, But on the other hand if the owner comes home much earlier than usual and the dog still sits by the door within minutes of his arrival, that unexplained behavior is termed to be his/her sixth sense.

Amazingly dogs also have the ability to detect the disasters before they happen, thanks to their powerful sense of smell. Scientifically the Barometric pressure and all natural phenomena have odors associated with them. They are beyond the capacity of our noses to recognize, but dogs can sense these changes immediately.

Earth’s Magnetic field

Dogs can see what we cannot see

Dogs do not need a compass like us to measure the earth’s magnetic field. Your furry friend can sense Earth’s magnetic field, often you might have seen that dogs preferentially align themselves facing north or south, the dogs would always poop and pee while facing either north or south that means they can sense the earth’s magnetic field and they can do so only when the only when the magnetic field is calm, this is something which we are not able to recognize unless we look on the actual magneto grams.

Night Vision

A dog’s eye have more rods than humans – which means they can see much better than us in night, dogs also have a extra tissue in their eye which we humans do not have and in scientific terms it is called tapetum lucidum which helps reflecting the light into the retina. This acts as a booster to their night vision and a main reason why there eyes shine in night or dark. They can see much more than the only color black and white.

Dog Vision - How Your Labrador Sees The World


Our motive via this article is to help people understand their pet, and treat them as a family member not a puppet.

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