Top Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Meat - Save Animals & Planet

Animal Meat – Top Reasons Why to Stop Eating Animals

With Small efforts and changes in our meat consumption can have a great positive impact on our planet.

Meat is sadly a good food for many of us. However, we should no longer deny the adverse effects of animal agriculture on our planet, health, & the most important “well being of animals“. With the meat shortage brought on by the corona virus pandemic, it is indeed a good time to reconsider our meat consumption. Even a small reduction in our meat consumption, like going meatless once a week, could have major positive effects on these issues. But off course if you are going vegan completely than that would be so good in terms of animals cruelty and eating animal meat.

Let’s Check out some reason why you should stop eating meat:

The so called meat industry is indeed the biggest contributor to global warming

The so called meat industry is indeed the biggest contributor to global warming

The meat industry is the leading cause of deforestation, air & water pollution. Lets take an example – Cows produce greenhouse gases at alarming rates, so if we stop consuming beef imagine how good it would be for our environment and climate. There is clearly no way to fight a successful battle against global warming unless we stop farming animals for meat on a large scale. If you’re wondering how you can contribute to protecting our planet from destruction? than eating a plant-based diet is the best way to make a difference . Thinking of going vegan for the cause? May be these can help you out

Animal Cruelty has become a daily practice

stop Animal Cruelty

Is it really hard to Avoid torture and suffering of animals, and treating them as a commodity. In many cases animals are raised for slaughter and forced to live in deplorable conditions, they are often riddled with diseases, with very restricted movement in their cages. Sadly, Chickens are genetically modified so that their breasts yield bigger cuts of meat , due to which they are barely be able to stand even if they were able to roam free. Cows suffer tremendously when their calfs are taken from them before weaning. This all can be stopped by your one step towards going vegan.

So may be next time when you hug your pet, you may ask yourself why you’re still eating animals.

A plant-based diet is indeed better for your health

Go Vegan

Off course you would say that non vegetarian foods have enough nutrients and minerals which our body needs which a veg diet will not have, but is it really true? No offence, but we have seen doctors also ask whether you are vegetarian or a non vegetarian and the reason they ask is non-veg foods have more nutrient content than veg but never said that vegetarian diet is harmful or not good right?

Meatless will not only help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, improve your digestion, and have better skin, it will all help to avoid diseases like certain cancers. And don’t worry about missing out on the protein, because there are plenty of plant based sources of protein that are just as good as a meat. The importance of your immune system is proving to be critical for survival, and what you’re eating matters now more than ever before.

Consuming a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables not only helps you to stay fit but it most importantly help you to fight off both chronic and infectious diseases.

There are many plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts, which are rich in inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids which most of us think you can get it from a fish.

All of the nutrients and chemical compounds found in plants do wonders to restore balance in the body.

Cruel treatment of animals leads to novel viruses like SARS-COVid

animal cruelty


The worst pandemic which people are facing all over the world and a few other notorious viruses like SARS and bird flu originated in wet markets where many animals are traded and slaughtered for food. When animals are kept in such cramped conditions and frequently slaughtered in close proximity to other animals and humans, the chances of a virus crossing from one species to another are very real.

Animal Meat

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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