Importance of Understanding Animal Behavior - Animal Psychology

Importance of Understanding Animal Behavior – Animal Psychology

 Does my dog cry? Do animals laugh? Do they have emotions? Do animals know when they are ill? Do animals convey message? and many more questions always comes in an animal lover or a pet owners mind.

To all the above questions Pawsibilties are here again to give you the answer of all these questions and also make you understand why it is important to understand the animal behavior?

Animal behavior basically refers to anything and everything animals do, which includes movement, other activities and underlying mental processes. By studying animal behavior, humans can also learn more about their own behavior which is known as comparative psychology in scientific terms.

Animals can communicate emotion to one another via signals(in the form of sounds) to warn or manipulate other animals. The only difference is unlike humans thing is they cannot vary these sounds to create new signals.

Do Animals think?

Do Animals Think?

Lets give you an example to explain this. Chimpanzees can make tools and help each other, parrots can talk, Monkey’s can think and plan too, similarly there are many other examples.

Do Animals Feel Love?

Do Animals Feel Love?

Like humans, Animals have the same brain areas required to feel emotions. where as bird brains contain similar structures for thinking and feeling like humans. Animals also go out of their way to spend time with specific individuals when it’s not necessary for their survival, which is an indication of affection.

Do animals laugh?

Animals do laugh

Animals make vocalizations that sound like laughter while playing or for the purpose of social bonding purpose. For example, domesticated foxes can laugh, which they actually learned form humans. Some dog breeds also have a sense of humor and will show playful behaviors to amuse humans.

Do animals cry?

Animals do cry and feel grief when they are sad, particularly when they are alone or when they have got hurt. They also show emotions when their owner is hurt or sad.

Know moving on to why is it actually important to learn and understand the animal behavior

The behavior of animals can be studied in order to find solutions for humans in similar circumstances; it may also provide insight for dealing with depression, anxiety, or similar kind of mental health disorders.

There is something called “animal-assisted therapy” which can also be called as a powerful therapy, in which dogs, horses, and other domestic animals help facilitate different forms of therapy and this can be helpful for individuals who are socially isolated or suffering from a mood disorder or post-traumatic stress. Interacting with animals can also increase humans’ levels of oxytocin, which is a hormone that enhances social bonding.

Isn’t that Awesome!!!

Animal behavior indeed plays an important role in terms of conservation. Due to this good efforts can be made on  understanding about the endangered species & understanding the species – like habitat requirements, mating behavior, and parent offspring interactions.

Creating more and more sanctuaries is very important. Sanctuaries can help them be safe and help them from being endangered and from the aspects of behavior such as territoriality, dispersal, and migration are factored into sanctuary design.

If humans get involved into wildlife( for better means) habitats. I will not only make human–wildlife interactions more frequent, it will also give us clues about how to minimize negative impacts of humans on wildlife as well as how to help humans avoid injury when they encounter wildlife.

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