Immune System & Cancer Care - For Dogs & Cats

Immune System & Cancer Care – For Dogs & Cats

 The most common problems effecting today’s dogs and cats is lowered immune system . This condition is often related with skin allergies, low ability to fight off infections, and cancer. Cancer is most common among these and the common reflection of lowered immune defenses.

Whether it is an animal or a person their immunity deteriorates as the body ages. As the immunity deteriorates, it doesn’t always catch everything it should, which is what happens with cancer.

Dog cancer and cat cancer is the major killer of your loved furry companions. The older your pets gets, the more likely they will be effected with these disease.

Cancer is mainly the result of damaged cells in the body. They can arise from any tissue anywhere. When your immune system is working correctly, it easily identifies these damaged cells and destroys them. But When it is not working well then these cells grow locally and spread with increase in size as time passes by.

For Dog’s, cats’s or any other pet health be the most important part for any owner, the best course of action is to keep all systems functioning well throughout their lives. Feeding good quality food, plenty of exercise, and giving supplements aimed at boosting immunity are key to this.

Immune System & Cancer Care - For Dogs & Cats

The cancer cells, regardless of human, cat or dog exist in varying numbers that are generally small enough to be kept under control by a reasonably healthy immune system. When the immune system is compromised by pharmaceutical drugs, invading microorganisms or a lack of adequate dietary nutrition, these cancer cells can get bigger in size and number strength in a diagnosis of cat or dog cancer.

Let’s say if a pet develops a symptoms of cancer, and this will happen especially in older age, this is the time when supplementation becomes a vital part of the treatment. But to only treat the cancer is a mistake as it can reoccur. Unfortunately, cancer treatments often kill off your dog’s, cat’s immune system. Many times it has been seen that they doesn’t actually die from cancer but from a compromised immune response, which cannot fight off an infection such as pneumonia. That is why it is very necessary for the owners to take proper care of their pet’s immune system from the beginning it self, they should not wait for any medical condition to occur, same goes to human’s as well.

Supplements should be used when it comes to cancer care in dog’s and cat’s. These supplements can be used ideally or they can also be combined with the allopathic attempts to treat cancer – like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. They work pretty well, off course crucial time for proper care and love as well.

There are many supplements like medicinal mushrooms: maitake, reishi, and shiitake. These are ingredients or rather supplements which can be added with immuno-modulators like Primalix Immune® Herbal Extract, Functional Food DropsTM which balances cat and dog immune systems.

Medicinal mushrooms are proven to be cancer fighters. There are other herbal components as well, like dandelion root stimulate appetite which can boost the absorption of nutrients. Herbal supplement is a big part of immuno-modulation, it is also a vital element when dealing with cancer patients who often experience lack of appetite and weight loss.

Cancer should be thought of as an invader in a pet’s body. We should aim and try to kill it, but if we have to work simultaneously to stimulate the pet’s own immune defenses, if this is not done then the course of treatment might not be too effective. Working to treat cancer goes hand in hand with immunity boosting.

Supplementation should always be discussed with your veterinarian, and should be part of a healthy lifestyle that includes high quality food, exercise, and lots of human love and affection.

Love Care & Affection along with proper treatment can save your dog, cat from any disease.

Immune System & Cancer Care

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