New Jersey’s Bear Hunting Season - Breaking News! 62 Bears Killed 

New Jersey’s Bear Hunting Season – Breaking News! 62 Bears Killed 

A very heart breaking new coming in 🙁

62 black bears were brutally killed on the first day of New Jersey’s annual bear hunt. The 62 bears that were killed today are a perfect example of how public opinion does not matter at all for the government and wildlife agencies . They have no right to kill any animal for sake of anything. whether its hunting, poaching or any kind of game.Wildlife belongs to each and every citizen as a collective trust, not just those that want to hunt them.

Several people and groups along with us have fought for years and still fighting against corrupt government officials that have allowed this hunt to continue, despite public outcry and non-lethal solutions to bear-human conflicts.

Before sunrise on Monday, New Jersey’s controversial bear hunt opened for around 30 minutes, with hunters heading into the woods on a dreary October day as the remnants of Hurricane Delta drenched the Garden State. These so called hunters brutally killed 62 black bears on the first day of this worst hunting game of there’s and yet it is continuing

The bear hunt is sadly open for bow hunting on Wednesday as well and muzzle loaders will also be allowed from Thursday till Saturday of this week. A second segment of bear hunting, for sickos with firearms, will be opened on December 7th. Please let us stand together and make sure we stop the officials from banning this hunting process forever before the second segment starts.

Former Democratic State Senator from Union County, Raymond Lesniak, announced that a coalition of animal rights activists plans to sue the state over the statutory makeup of the New Jersey Fish and Game Council. Let’s see what happens because these kinds have announcements have been seen before as well and the saddest result is in front of you.

Please Make as much contact to the numbers below and urge them to end the New Jersey bear hunts from this year forever.

Governor Phil Murphy
Phone: (609) 292-6000
Email HERE!

DEP Commissioner, Catherine R. McCabe
Phone: (609) 292-2885

NJ Fish & Wildlife Council and Committee Members
Phone: (609) 292-2965

save the bears from being killed!!!!!

New Jersey’s Bear Hunting Season lets end it

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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