Use of Animals in Circuses Should Be Banned? - Let's Save Them

Use of Animals in Circuses Should Be Banned? – Let’s Save Them

“Circus”, this word brings smile in most of the peoples face, and they are ready to watch it any time, but we would not call it “Circus”, rather we would call it “Animal Cruelty Circus”.

“Circus is no fun for Animals”

We are sure, many of us are aware of the fact that, animals used in circus shows are extremely cruel to those lovable creatures. From the audience point of view, the circus show seems like fabulous performance starring some wild creatures known to man. Attending a circus not only gives a chance to witness the wild animals but also witness the craziest trick performed by wild animals and off course they are trained to do so.

It’s very unfortunate that, circus animals are not treated like the stars they really are; in reality these wild animals are being treated abusively in order to make them learn these so called tricks and stunts for these fake shows.

The performances which is applauded by the people out there, is nothing more than a cruel display of animal abuse which is indeed accompanied by some sort of catchy music and lighting effects.

Pawsibilties are here to expose the animal circus and what goes on behind closed “doors”, or the more suitable word would be “Cages”.

Use of Animals in Circuses Should Be Banned? - Let's Save Them

How They are treated?

The so called circus which people love to see with the children doesn’t actually care about its main attractions, the sooner people realize this, the better. In circus innocent animals are brutally abused, whether it is physical abuse or mental torture everything takes place behind the doors.

The Cruel Reward Show!!

Have you ever imagined how animal trainers tame animals like tigers or lions, to get them to ready for various impressive acts?

Unfortunately for achieving this, they use a special type of training method of there own, which is called learning through rewards and punishments, which is a real crime.

When an animal performs a trick successfully, they receives a reward in terms of food or water, and when they fail to do so, the trainer restrains from giving out anything to them living the loving animals dehydrated and starved. Sadly this is the most common way the trainers establish their dominance, which is very wrong.

Training methods for animals used in circuses includes varying degrees of punishment and abuse. Animals perform not because they want to but because they’re afraid not to. This taming session is not even seen by the government, which is very sad.

Small Cages leading to sores and bruises

People out there may not be knowing the cages in which circus animals are kept while traveling are extremely small. The large cats like tigers and lions are kept chained in 5×10 feet cages(max) for almost 26 – 48 hours and even more. And due to this cruelty performed by the trainers severe sores and bruises can be seen all over their bodies from repeatedly rubbing against the bars of the cage.

This Animal cruelty circus, also reveal that the main cause of euthanasia of elephants held in captivity is lameness and various other disease, foot issue being common.

Use of Animals in Circuses Should Be Banned? - Let's Save Them

The harsh treatment of animals in circuses should be completely banned and several humane societies and animal rights groups along with us are still fighting for and will continue it. Bringing awareness in people is very much important, as its high time and animal cruelty and abuse should be stopped completely at any cost.

As an when the people will learn more about wild animals and their complex physical and emotional needs, this kind of cruelty will be stopped forever. So let’s together stand for them and become there voice.

Adopt, Do Not Shop

“Its worth said that when humans act with cruelty we characterize them as animals, but the only animal that displays cruelty is Humanity”

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