Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog? - Check Out Here

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog? – Check Out Here

Our best slogan is “adopt and do not shop” and same goes for the stray dogs. Go out an adopt a stray dog and change your world with their unconditional love.

We often see people bring home dogs just because of their cuteness or a specific breed. Please do not discriminate between dog breeds. Any dog breed will love you the same or even more than a pedigree dog breed that you buy.

Pawsibilties are here again to list down few reasons – why you should adopt a stray dog:

Love without any condition

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?


The stray dogs or any other dog may not live as long as humans, but they love unconditionally till their last breath. They actually complete us. Adopt a street or just feed them once look into their eyes, feel their pain.

Cuteness on the top

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?

Just Look at his eyes, How can anybody say no to a face like that? Don’t they deserve some of your love? The cuteness which you see i foreign breeds or other breeds, same can be seen in the stray dogs as well. So do not leave them behind.

Most Important thing for all the people any animal is not an object or a thing, they are living beings like us.

Dogs are not any kind of thing, gift, that you buy in order to impress someone and then leave them as it is. They are friends, companion forever. Off course money can buy a dog but it cannot buy their love! Go out and Adopt a stray dog if you really want to make a difference in the world.

Look at there Heart

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?

Do not bring a dog to add a symbol to your status. In our point of view a real status is how much caring your are for your animals & nature. Do not purchase or buy a foreign dog breed just because of their fancy fur. A stray dog or street dog would give you all the love and affection he/she has, same as a Husky or a St. Bernard would do.

Indian dogs suits the Indian climatic conditions

How to adopt a stray dog

Instead of torturing foreign dog breed by bringing them to harsh Indian climatic conditions, go out and adopt an Indian dog who will be very suitable for the Indian climate. Why to make a dog suffer bringing them to this climate, when you can adopt an Indian dog breed that is perfectly suited for Indian climate and also very easy to maintain.

Stray Dogs have a Stronger immune system 

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?

The reason why a stray dog has a longer and stronger immune system is – they are naturally breeding unlike the pedigree dogs who are not taken care properly. Humans are equally responsible for their health. If you are adopting a dog please do take proper care of them, whether it comes to an internal disease or an external one. Do have a regular check up scheduled for them with Vet.

They can be killed on Road any day

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?

If a person who doesn’t have a house to live, stays on road remain unhappy forever but have ever imagine about the stray dogs who live on road without food and shelter forever, yet they have a smile on their face. Millions of news comes everyday of a street dog killed in an accident, or because of starvation or any disease which indeed is the saddest news. You can save them from being roadkill. You can be the one to give them shelter and save their life. The feeling of helping someone in need is out of the world. So stop them form being killed.

Adopt & Contribute to your society

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?

Adopt a stray dog and become a pillar, stand against the illegal breeders, make difference in your society. In this process you are also helping in keeping the streets safe and control the stray dog population.

Save them – Satisfy your soul

Why Should You Adopt A Stray Dog?

If you really want to become a symbol in your social circle then go out and adopt a stray dog and show them how they can adopt as well. Set an example for other by removing the stigma against the adoption of stray dogs in India. With this act of kindness, you are actually showing your children and other children what it means to be a good person and teach your and other children as well not harm any animals.

Don’t abandon a pet which you already have, because you made a hasty decision today! Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment, so take your decision wisely. With one decision you can either change their world or you can leave them abandoned. Choice is yours!!!

Adopt, Do Not Shop.

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