Important Tips For Raising Kittens - Kitten Heath & Care

Important Tips For Raising Kittens – Kitten Heath & Care

Planning to raise a Kitten? Adopting kitten would be the best. Keep these things in mind, when you planning to get a kitten. The way of thinking should be similar to that of raising kids. Providing proper care and training when they’re young will help them to be healthy and adjusting adults.

Do Not Treat Them Like an Adult Cat

Important Tips For Raising Kittens - Kitten Heath & Care

A human baby has their own needs in comparison to teenagers, Similar way a kitten will have their own requirements which would be different from a fully matured cat. You should go step by step when it comes to raising a kitten.

  • At this early age, a little cat should at present be with her mom and litter mates. Since little cats this youthful can’t control their own temperatures, they depend on each other’s body warmth to endure. Moreover, they are as yet creating vision and leg coordination. On the off chance, if you receive or adopt a vagrant cat in this age gathering, proper care needs to be taken, which includes bottle-feeding every two are hours for up to four weeks. You need to help them learn peeing and carping. It’s ideal to talk with a veterinarian for explicit directions and counsel.
  • Eight to eleven weeks old enough. Little cats are generally weaned by about two months and ought to eat cat diet, which should be energy thick, wealthy in protein and exceptionally absorb able. In the case of picking dry kibble or wet food, be certain it is planned for cats. Other changes will also be seen at this time. She will end up being a power of nature — running, bouncing, playing and investigating. This is a wonderful time of kitten hood, But do not forget to keep an eye on her as she can harm herself.
  • Two to four months of age. This is a period of quick development for cats wherein they’ll have just about multiple times more energy than a grown-up cat. They’ll require three to four meals daily during this time. Cats dinners ought to contain least 30% excellent protein. Talk to a veterinarian about having your little cat fixed or fixed before your cat arrives at this stage to keep away from undesirable propensities like territorial spraying and accidental litters.

Start Rewarding For Good Behavior and Socialize them as much as you can 

Important Tips For Raising Kittens - Kitten Heath & Care

Socialization and training your cat from kitten hood will have a direct affect on how well she will interact with people and other animals when she get’s older.

As a new kittens parent try some of these training and socialization methods:

  • Make her used to weekly combing and grooming.
  • Introduce her to the toys
  • Allow her to experience different walking surfaces like carpet.
  • Take her outside, but make sure you are very careful.
  • Give her objects to explore, like as boxes and paper bags
  • Ask your friend to play with her and give her treats
  • Give Her appropriate scratching alternatives or else they will starch your valuables, and reward her with toys. and if she uses them, praise her and give her treat.
  • Do not allow her to bite or scratch when she is playing. If she does, divert her attention to a toy.
  • Expose her to other cats and kittens.
  • Challenge your kitten to think by teaching her tricks.
  • Always be patient with them.

Make Preventive Care a Priority

Important Tips For Raising Kittens - Kitten Heath & Care

To give a kitty a good health for lifetime, start taking preventive care from beginning:

  • Please Schedule your kitten’s first vet appointment within a week of getting her. Early and frequent vet visits will help socialize your kitten with the vet and help the vet establish a baseline for your kitten’s health.
  • Ask about intestinal parasites, fleas and heart worm.
  • Ask which vaccinations your kitten needs and how often: Preventive care for kittens may include vaccines for feline leukemia, rabies and distemper.

Important Tips For Raising Kittens

Adopt, Do Not Shop

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