4th October, World Animal Day - Let's Become an Hero & Make a Difference for Animals

 World Animal Day – Let’s Make a Difference in an Animal life

In order to raise the status of animals, in order to improve the animal welfare standard all around the world. We Pawsibilties are celebrating World Animal Day today on 4th October 2020. Come out and become an hero, save an animal and give them a new life. Raise your voice for an animal, become their voice and let’s ask the government to take strict action for any kind of animal abuse.

To achieve this, we encourage animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals to organize online events in order to celebrate World Animal Day. With the help of these events educate and bring awareness among people to save animal kind. Educate them that they are equally important for this planet.

World Animal Day was first announced in the year 1931. It was started off in order to highlight the plight of endangered species. This day has evolved into a day to honor all the animals of the world through raising awareness in whichever way possible.

It is seen that, there are days celebrated for animals, whether it is World animals day or pet day, considering these days welfare organizations spread awareness among people for animal welfare, but what about other days?

Let’s make each day as world animal day, let us educate people about animals everyday and pledge to save at least one animal everyday.

Let’s give a new beginning to human kind relationship with animal kingdom. Please Acknowledge the diverse roles that animal play in our life, whether it is being a companion, a supporter, a lover or a helper.

4th October, World Animal Day - Let's Become an Hero & Make a Difference for Animals

Day to day increase in animal cruelty has already degraded the Earth more than we can ever imagine.

  • Animal testing is one of the hardest form of torture that is given to an animal, let us stand together against this cruelty by banning those products which are tested on animals. Like beauty products, hair care products and many more.
  • Animal poaching, hunting, deforestation, increase in pollution have caused extinction of millions of beautiful species. Let’s stand together and spread awareness about effects of deforestation, hunting and poaching on animals and the planet as well.
  • Let’s fight for them, who are still waiting for us to come and take them home.

Let’s add a line to this pledge” All Indians are my brother & Sister” Let’s call out for ” All creatures are my friend and companion.

We have to understand one thing very clearly that animals are stewards of God’s creation and it is the duty of  human beings to protect them and save the nature.

We thank all the organizations who work for animal welfare and support them for their tremendous work in saving the animals in danger and in need.

This years theme for World Animal Day – “Sustaining all life on Earth”, and this can be made possible by us.

Help us make this earth a fairer place for all animals. Each and everyone of us can make a difference in an animal life. Let’s become that one. Let’s make the difference.

Pledge with us that you will not be quite seeing and animals abuse.

Adopt do not shop, save them, help them, give them a new life.

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