Alternative Ways To Avoid Animal Testing - Lets's Join Hands To Save The Animal Kind

Alternative Ways To Avoid Animal Testing – Save Them

We highly appreciate the work done by our Scientists and Research team all across the Globe. Taking several approvals, performing tests several times for accurate results is the toughest job. Hat’s off to them.

Alternative Ways To Avoid Animal Testing

We understand that It would be quite risky to try a new medicine out directly on humans before checking that it is safe and that it work, as people can get very sick or even die in between this process. As there are many similarities between animals and humans, and they often get the same illnesses, that is why animal experiments are being performed which help us to understand different diseases and to design and test new treatments for diseases.

But In this process the human beings are saved somehow by the experiments, but what about the animals on which the experiments is performed? If the experiment on animal is successful then its well and good for humans, but for the animals is it really good?

No Doubt that proper measures are taken by the research departments of respective Government to ensure the safety of animals. But still there can be alternatives right?

Replacing an animal tests definitely does not mean putting human patients at risk. It also does not mean to halt the medical progress. But if we replace animal testing it will improve the quality as well as the humaneness of our science. To some extent this alternative methods can be seen in various parts of the world as toxicity testing, neuroscience and drug development, but this is not enough. With new developments in the field of science much more needs to be done to find out more alternatives so that animal testing is stopped.

Off course animal testing is easier as you can compare the test results with previous results, but its only the matter of time for the our scientists to develop the new techniques.

We will definitely appreciate and encourage our regulators/scientist and research teams to accept and promote alternative methods to animal testing. So that the animal kind is saved. They too have life like and they should also live like we do. We don’t have any rights to kill them or harsh them as they cannot speak. So we are the ones who need to understand their emotions.

Animal tests surge under new U.S. chemical safety law | Science | AAAS

Various Alternative which can be used more promptly instead of animal testing are: 

Cell cultures

Human cells have been utilized to make creative little gadgets called ‘organs-on-chips’. These can be utilized rather than creatures/animals to examine the disease, as well as drug metabolism. Gadgets have just been delivered that precisely mirror the lung, heart, kidney and gut. A definitive objective is to utilize these chips to make an entire ‘human-on-a-chip’.

Cell cultures have been key to enter advancements in territories, for example, cancer, sepsis, kidney and AIDS, and are regularly utilized in various chemical security testing, drug development and medical improvement.

Human tissues

The healthy tissues and the tissues which can infected via disease which are donated from human volunteers will provide a more relevant way of studying human biology and disease rather than testing animals and performing experiments on them. Off course there are exceptions!!

Human tissue can be donated from biopsies, cosmetic surgery and transplants. Let’s take an example, the skin and eye models which were made from reconstituted human skin and other tissues have been developed and are used, which perhaps will save the cruel rabbit irritation tests.

Thanks to the Companies such as Episkin, Mattek and CellSystems GmbH who are now even producing these tests in easy to use kits for companies to use to test their cosmetics and other substances. But this needs to be promoted further as well so that a complete stop to animal testing can be made.

Human tissue can also be used after a persons death, which we call it as post-mortems. Postmorting brain tissue has provided important leads to understanding brain regeneration and the effects of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Computer models

With the growing IT sector, various computers and the increase in demand and with various technology, the ability to model or replicate aspects of the human body is ever more possible.

Computer models of the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, digestive and musculoskeletal systems already exist. They can be used to conduct virtual experiments based on existing information and mathematical data.


examining machines and recording procedures that can be utilized to securely consider human volunteers.

Cerebrum imaging machines that can ‘see’ inside the mind can be utilized to screen the movement and treatment of cerebrum sickness. They can assist analysts with understanding the causes by contrasting and sound volunteers.

An inventive strategy called microdosing can likewise be utilized in volunteers to quantify how exceptionally little portions of potential new medications act in the human body. These microdoses are radio-named, infused into human volunteers and estimated (as a rule in blood tests) utilizing an extremely delicate estimating gadget called a quickening agent mass spectrometer.

Less cutting edge reads for nourishment, illicit drug use and agony can likewise be completed on consenting people in light of a legitimate concern for propelling clinical science. These examinations can help supplant creature tests.

There are many more techniques we would say which are coming up and will come for sure in the future as well. Promote more and more ordinary cosmetics. avoid buying materials in which animals coat are being used.

With due respect we request various Government all across the globe to adapt these techniques and help save the animal kind

Help Scientist in their research and training without hurting animals. Spread awareness about this as much as we can. Save animal kind. At last as we keep on saying Animals have the same right as we do have to live on this planet. Respect it. Stop animal abuse, save them adopt them, help them to live a healthy life.

Alternative Ways To Avoid Animal Testing

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