Want to Introduce Your Dogs to Cats or Vice Versa ? - Check Out the Tips & Tricks

Friendship Between Dogs & Cats ? – Helpful Tricks to Introduce Them

Wondering If you have a dog and want to introduce him/her with cat or vice versa? Is your dog not comfortable with cats? Can my dog and cat be a good friend? Can a dog & cat live together? Can they share the same space?

Pawsibilties are here again to help you out to understanding the friendship between dogs and cats and various tips & tricks on how to introduce your dogs to cats and vice a versa.

When you are introducing your dog to a cat or vice versa, pay attention to their body language. If the cat’s ears are pointed back or his/her tail is swishing back and forth most of times, then it’s a good sign that he/she is displeased. If Your dog straying at cat and start barking or whining then this is not the right time to introduce them. Moreover that completely depends upon the environment and how you have introduce them. You should be very careful for the first meeting, like human in animals also first impression is the last impression.

It Usually takes two to three weeks for a dog and cat to be friend and companion forever. There are some parings that work out easily especially when the dog is not as energetic as the cat and vise versa. Not all the times it’s easy to tell by their interactions between them that they are getting along or not.

There are many different way you can introduce your dog to cat:

  • Choose your meeting location wisely, meeting location should be plan prior, you can’t take your dog to the adoption center where you are going to adopt a cat or vise versa. Best is to allow them to meet at home in safe environment. You don’t know how your dog will react when they will saw the cat for first time, so keep them latched with rope or chain.
  • If your dog is too fixated on the cat, in this case you cannot directly introduce your dog to cat, you need be careful and introduce your dog by gradually exposure to him/her. You can do this by putting a cat inside the room where your dog doesn’t have access, allow them to see each other for some specific time. Let your dog view the cat briefly through the gate, and then divert the focus of your dog by giving some treat or toys.
  • Feeding Exercise– feed your dog and cat close by. You can do this by feeding cat on one side of gate and dog at other side of gate. This tricks allows them to smell each other nose and get familiarized with each other. You can also exchange their toys or blanket for the same reason.
  • Keep Their Foods & Toys Separately – After the feeding exercises. The next most important thing is keeping their food bowls separate. A cat will walk up to the dog bowl either while the dog’s eating, or the dog will try and eat up from cat’s food bowl, because both would be furious what food is given to her or him. You actually cannot assume when your dog goes to town on them, they are either food protective or resource protective.
  • Train your dog body and mind – Before you introduce your dog to cat for the first time, you should trained you dog. Best way to train your dogs mind is by giving them some treat. It they obeys your instruction like ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Hold’ etc. than you can introduce a cat but if they don’t follow your instruction, then make him/her mind tired by doing exercise. Usually people exercise their dogs only 20 percent of what they should really be doing. Instead to taking your dog to long walk, make him run, do directional change, play will balls. After they get tired, take him/ her back to home, this is the safest time to introduce your cat because If they are tired, they will not chase the cat.
  • Raise Dog & Cat Together If You Can –  Socializing them when they are young would be more easier then they are adults, because puppies are easily trainable. They get adapted to new information and situation easily. Moreover, dogs are less confident & very smaller at this stage in life which in turn allows the cat to be its in good position at the top of the hierarchy.

Caution!!! Never leave a dog and cat together without paying any attention unless you are satisfied they both are safe together otherwise, it can lead to huge destruction both physically and mentally.

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