Most Common Dog Behaviors - Check Out the Problems & Solution To Them Here

Most Common Dog Behaviors – Check Out Problems & Solution

Common Dog Behaviors & the Meaning Behind His/Her Moods

Your Puppies/ Dog’s actions can tell you a lot about his/her mood. Most of the time you understand what they are trying to say so you need to learn how to interpret dog behavior. Have you ever witnessed your dog licking certain textures or busy catching there tail? Paying attention to his/her behavior can help them out form their state of mind.

Pawsibilties are here again to help you understand various and common dog behaviors.

Barking: The dog barking can tell you many things. From the way of barking, you can understand what they are actually trying to say or why they are barking. Some common types of barking are:

  • Warning or alert
  • Playfulness and excitement
  • Attention-seeking
  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Responding to other dogs

Short-coated Brindle Dog on Grass Field on Focus Photo

Note: If your dog is barking a lot, then try to teach them “Quiet command” or “NO Command”. For this bring some delicious dog treats or your dog’s favorite toy¬† in-front of them and try to teach them and when they actually listens to the command pat them with the phrase “Good Boy/Good Girl”.

Chewing: Chewing is a natural and common action for all dogs. The actual fact is Chewing is an important activity for most dogs; it’s just a part of the way they are wired. However, it becomes a problem when start excessive, can cause destruction. Some common reason for chew are:

  • Puppy teething
  • Boredom or excess energy
  • Anxiety
  • Curiosity (especially found in puppies)

Shallow Focus Photo of Long-coated White and Gray Puppy

Provide plenty of appropriate chew toys. Keep personal items away from your dog when you are leaving home or going out, keep your dog in a limited area where less destruction can be caused.

If you see your dog chewing the wrong thing, distract your dog with a sharp noise form your mouth or any object, then, replace the item with a chew toy. The most important things is giving them plenty of exercise.

Begging ( All They Want is their most favorite thing “FOOD”)

Begging is a very bad habit, but we have seen many dog owners actually encourage it. Its’s a caution!!, this can lead to digestive problems and obesity. Dogs/puppy beg because they love food. Most of us consider table scraps as treat,but they are not treats, and food is not love. It is hard to resist that longing look, but giving in just this once may create a problem for long run. You are sending the wrong message to the pets/animals when you teach them begging is permitted, .

Why Does My Dog Sit and Stare at Me?


Before you sit down to eat give them a special treat which they continue for long and avoid them giving food which you are eating.

Jumping Up:

Jumping up is very common and natural behavior in dogs. Usually puppies jump up to reach and greet their people, their mother. Dogs often jump up when excited or seeking an item in the person’s hands. Sometimes people avoid A jumping dog as they feel it can be dangerous, in that case the best method is to simply turn away and ignore your dog. Walk away if necessary. Don’t make an eye contact, do not speak, or touch them. Just keep doing your work. When he/she relaxes and remains still, calmly reward him. It won’t take long before your dog gets the message.

White Dog Terrier Jumping Near Grass Field during Daytime

Note: Do not push them back or put their paws down that can give them a wrong message.

Sitting on Their Feet or Between Their Legs

12 Dog Behaviors & What They Mean | Hill's Pet

This behavior of animals is often mistaken for possessive behavior, but is most often a sign of anxiety or nervousness. In this case “dominance” is rarely the problem your dog is probably trying to feel safer by staying close. If suppose Anxiety is more than a dog trainer is qualified to help with, so discuss the behavior with your veterinarian and see if your dog would benefit from a referral to a veterinary behavior specialist.


Dog aggression - Wikipedia

Dogs usually show there aggression by snarling, growling, getting defensive, rushing, and gnawing. It is imperative to realize that any dog can possibly show hostility, paying little heed to raise or history. Be that as it may, canines with vicious or injurious accounts and those reared from canines with forceful inclinations are significantly more liable to display forceful conduct towards individuals or different canines.

Eating poop

What is Coprophagia? The Dangers of Your Dog Eating Its Own Poop | POOP 911 Blog


There can be multiple reasons why Dogs eat feces, it can be a normal, while distasteful dog behavior to us . Fear may even cause your dog to eat feces if he or she is afraid . Another reason can be – your dog may just be curious he may smell certain scents in the feces and wonder what it tastes like. Eating poop can likewise be an instinctual answer for a nourishing insufficiency.. Make sure you feed your dog a well-balanced food so you can completely rule out malnutrition as a reason for his eating waste.

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