Breaking News - Delhi To Get First Wild Animal Rescue Center By The End of Year 2020

First Wild Animal Rescue Center in Delhi – Coming Soon !!!

Breaking News Coming in !!! which indeed is a very good new for animal lovers!

As announced by the forest department officials The national capital of India is likely to get its first wild animal rescue center by the end of the year.

The Officials stated that – the facility is going to come up on a 1.24-acre plot in a place called Rajokri where a monkey rescue center is lying abandoned. Very soon a rapid response group will be created in order to rescue abandoned animals and they will be rehabilitated to the Rajokri facility.

Funds have been sanctioned by the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning officials with the wild animal rescue center. The officials stated that – within a moth the team will be constituted and the facility will be ready by end of the year.

Wild life center officials stated that – a wild bird rescue center was also in plan but the panel was not quite convinced about setting aside government resources for birds and they asked the forest officials to provide data justifying the plan and requirement of bird rescue center.

The officials further stated that – when they went through data of animals rescued, they came to know that birds alone did not justify a separate facility, but on the other hand, talking about the wild animals rescued, such as nilgai, mongoose, monkeys, jackals, and reptiles, there is more than adequate justification for the wild life center for them.

Approval of the Ridge Management Board was needed to broaden the proposal of a wild bird rescue center to an animal rescue center. The proposal was to be discussed at a meeting of the Ridge Management Board on January 18, which could not be convened in view of the Assembly polls in February.

After that it was delayed due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Now discussion about the proposal in a board meeting is scheduled for Friday. The officials stated that – once they have the approval in the board meeting, they will approach the Supreme Court-appointed committee with adequate justification. As approval of the Supreme Court through the panel is required to use Ridge land for any other purpose.

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