Are Pets Allowed in Aircraft? If yes then How to Carry them

Pets allowed in Aircraft? If yes then How to Carry them

Many people have a question that – are the pets allowed in aircraft? How many pets you can carry?
Is there any extra charger we need to pay? How to carry pets in aircraft.

To answer all your query Pawsibilties are here again to share all the important details you need to know before carrying your pets in aircraft.

If you have pet/pets and you are planning to go on holiday or you are relocating to different place, please do not leave your pets behind. As now several airlines allow pets in cabin or cargo. If your pet size is big then there is only one option to take your pet via flight in cargo.

Are Pets Allowed in Aircraft? If yes then How to Carry them

But we do not recommend you to fly your pets in cargo compartment as it is very risky and you will never know how your pets are throughout the journey.

If you have any emergency and you have to go and their is no option keeping your pet with you, then either leave them with your neighbor or known person. You can leave your pets at the animals, the dog hostel where you pet will be safe and secure and do not forget to give the food along with your pet, as eating hostels food which they are not use to they might fell ill.

Here we are taking about the country India – In Air India, Spice jet and Vistara allows pets whereas only Air India allows pets like dog, cats, and birds of certain size (less than 5Kg along with container) in cabin and Spice jet and Vistara airlines allows pets only in cargo compartment. Other airlines like Indigo and Air Costa only allows
service animals which are required for the people with disabilities.

Before you fly your pets in aircraft you need to know the following details:

  • Your pet should be minimum 8-week-old.
  • You need to have a fit to fly certificate for your pets from the veterinary doctor.
  • Valid document like entry permit, etc required for entry and transit. Additional document
    depends on the regulating authority of that country.
  • You need to have a proper International Air transport Association (IATA) approved
    container. The container should be well ventilated and made up of non-chewable material. It should have enough space where your pets like dog and cat can stand and turn around.
  • Few pets per aircraft are allowed in cabin, so you need to check with the airlines
    operator before booking.
  • If an airline allows pet in cabin, then the weight of container with pet should not exceed 5kg. Pets are not allowed to occupy the passenger seat, the container should be placed
    under the seat in front of you.
  • If an airlines allows pets in only cargo compartment, then they should be leashed properly in the cage or container. It is recommended to buy a container few days before you are
    planning to fly that make your pets comfortable with it.
  • Always mention your pet’s information like pet name, owner name, address, contact
    number etc. and tag it in container.
  • Few animals breed like short-muzzled dog breed, are not allowed by some airlines.

Note: Pets are accepted at owners risk, no airlines will take responsible for customs, health
requirements, injuries, or death.

Rules For To Carry Pets in US airlines:

Some  important rules and guidelines to follow enforced by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  • At least eight weeks old dogs & cats are allowed, Cages and other shipping containers must meet the minimum standard for size, it should have a proper ventilation, it should be strong enough told hold the pets weight, properly sanitized and designed well for safe handling.
  • If your pet has any illness or discomfort to temperature they should be accompanied by a certificated signed by veterinarian stating that they are acclimated to lower temperatures.
  • Prior to the flight do not give any kind of solid food to your pet rather you can always give them moderate amount of water and a walk before and after the flight.
  • Reserve a space for your pet before hand, and inquire about time and location for drop-off and pick-up.
    Try to book a non-stop flight, avoid connections and the heavy traffic of a holiday or weekend flight.
  • mention your name, address and phone number on the pet baggage/container, and make sure your pet is wearing a tag with the same information. It is very helpful if you purchase a temporary tag showing your destination address and phone number.
  • If your pet has anxiety problem or he/she cannot stage in a closed cage its recommended do not take them, if your travelling is very important than leave them in the dog/cat house or hostels were they can be taken proper care till you arrive back.

Check out the respective airlines for the fare which they charge for carrying pet.

Note: Service animals which are not counted in pets can be kept in cabins in US Airlines according to the DOT rule in US.

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