How to Train your Puppy to Stop Biting & Nipping - Check Out Here

Puppies Biting & Nipping – How To Train Your Puppy

Puppy biting is an inevitable part of having a puppy but it can also be one of the most frustrating things for just a couple months. Do not worry Pawsibilties are here again to let you know how to train your puppy to stop them from biting and Nipping.

We don’t think there are any people who have a puppy at home and he/she is biting and you say, ouch and walk away from them, No right?

You still stay with them. So lets check out how to distract puppies mind from biting and nipping, but for this you need to first understand why they bite ?

Puppies usually bite for two reasons:

  • Because they’re teething
  • Because they’re trying to engage the world

If your puppy is teething make sure they have regular access to see chew toys on lots of different textures as it’s going to take a few weeks to resolve puppy biting. Sometimes dogs can be really nippy, this continues until they’re about five months old, or even longer if it goes unchecked, Be very patient at this time, try to build a communication between you and your puppy, as your behavior can have a bad impact on them.

How to Train your Puppy to Stop Biting & Nipping - Check Out Here

When they are nipping try to give them some massage in their jaws they will love it and they will avoid nipping you back if you follow this procedure sometimes.

If your puppy bites really excessively then you have got a high energy dog. In that case giving exercise early morning and throughout the day would be very essential if you want the week sooner rather than later. There are chances that now you will start learning that when your puppy is about to bite.Reacting negatively to a puppy bite or scolding him or tieing them will not solve the issue, you have to be one step ahead of your dog. Keep and eye on you puppy and see carefully what kind of toy he/she likes and the next time you are going to greet them give them the toy they will not bite you rather they will chew the toy which is good for their teeth as well. But you have to make sure that the toy is puppy friendly, it should not be sharp and toxic otherwise they can heart their gums.

Try to teach them, greet them with open arms, play with them often don’t live them bored. Keep them in a good surrounding. Pat them with words like “Good Boy: or “Good Girl” they love appreciation than scolding. If You start learning what they want you will be able to train them and stop them form biting and nipping.

If You have a highly energetic dog who is a chewer and bitter¬† for early months, keep them in a boring environment for sometime let them calm down a bit and then try to communicate with them,¬† teach them starting form very basics like patting,massaging and so on…

Train them, Love Your Dog, show them affection, play with them a simple solution to all the answers.

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