How To Help Street Dogs - Lets Save India's Steert Dogs

Help The Street Dogs – Lets Save India’s Street Dogs

Although the street dogs are widely feared because some carry rabies, for the most part India’s street dogs are not aggressive and will only bite if provoked and many are fearful of humans but its sad that humans do fear from them.

The population of India’s street dog is closely associated with municipal sanitation practices or neglected thereof. People should actually thank the stray dogs because they are the ones who are a boon to public sanitation. As these dogs often survive by eating rubbish, exposed garbages. By eating garbage, they reduce the perishable waste that could actually be a source of contamination for people and their presence around garbage keeps away other potentially dangerous scavengers, like as rats and mice.

It’s is very unfortunate and heartbreaking to see an animal abandoned and left behind in pain, ill, hungry no one to take care. Most of the people who really care about animals will like to help them but they actually don’t have an idea how to help them. Its actually not possible for every time to get a good home for a stray dog but they are number of ways in which you can at least ease their Pain.

Lets check out some ways in which you actually help the cute little ones left abandoned on road.

Safety Comes First

The very first point you need to keep in your mind is your own safety which is necessary because a dog or any other animal who is left abandoned on road, or hurt are very scared and they will not trust you easily. They might attack you in fear or pain. So before you go and help them out give them enough time to trust you. Try to build trust with them by your caring and loving gesture and at last be careful in picking them they might snap you as they might be in pain. Once you reach out to them and they have started trusting you hold them and  take them to a safe place and if they are heart, rush them to a vet near by. And the most important thing keep the stray dog away from traffic and crowd because they often rush to the roads in panic or pain.

Lost dogs

If you are sure that you can take care of a stray dog then its awesome but Many a times you see a dog with a collar or a tag around him/her left behind and you decide to bring them home without putting any effort to find their owners specially with the stray puppies its common. Most people decide to get lost dogs home without putting enough effort into finding their owner in most of these cases people keep these dogs at home for some time and then give them to shelters. If we talk about the Indian shelters, only 5-10 per cent dogs survive their. So, shelter should be the last choice. Most of the dog shelters are very populated and due to this the chance of catching infection for a healthy dog is very high. The best choice is to look for the owner, and if not found, to look for a family that can commit to take care of the dog forever.

Accident cases

The accident cases of animals are the most common and disheartening to witness. When you see such case please try to take them immediately to the closest veterinarian don’t live them behind. Once the dog gets medical aid and recovers, it is advisable to leave the dog in the same area he/she was picked from and make sure that he/she is safe.

“If you cant help them don’t hurt them”. They can become your best friends if you treat them properly. Help the stray dogs at least by providing them good and safe shelter and food to eat and keeping them away from road. And the most important stop harassing animals its a big crime.

Help The Street Dogs !!

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