Your Dog Has A Wet Nose Don't Worry - Thats a Sign of a Good Health

Dogs Have Wet Nose Why? – Know Everything About It

A wet nose is a good health sign for dogs no doubt. But let us know why is it so ?

Sense of smell is critical to a canine, so noses are held in high respect in the canine community. Dissimilar to people who rely essentially upon vision to survive in this world, Your Dog utilize both sight and smell to survey their environmental factors and to communicate. The sense of sight is very important in people, so human cerebrums invest more energy deciphering visual information than olfactory data where as dogs brains are the exact inverse, which has more focus on smell than what he sees.

The main concern is a working nose essential for a dog to survive ? – and does wet nose work superior to dry noses.

In comparison to 6 million humans in the nasal cavity Dogs have more than 100 million sensory receptor sites. And in comparison to the human brain the area of dogs brain devoted to analyze odors is about 40 times larger. It has been estimated that dogs can smell anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 times better than people, and this is because of the presence of an additional olfactory tool called Jacobsen’s organ that increases their ability to smell. Jacobsen’s organ is located inside the nasal cavity and opens into the roof of the mouth behind the upper incisors. This amazing organ serves as a secondary olfactory system designed specifically for chemical communication.

The advantage of wet nose is that help keep a dog stay cool. Usually Dogs dissipate some heat through their foot pads and by panting, but they utilize the nasal passages as a cooling mechanism as well.

Now The Question Comes How Do Dogs Nose Get Wet? 

The three main possibilities of wet nose of dog are: 

Dogs Nose secrete mucus

In order to keep the nasal canal moist special glands are present inside the inner lining of the dogs nose. The clinging of a thin layer of mucus to the nostrils of dogs enhance their ability of the absorption of scent chemicals which in turn improve their ability of smelling. The special mucous glands present inside the dogs nostrils also produce clear watery fluid that leads the cooling process through evaporation.

Dogs lick their nose Often

Not all but Some dogs are constantly lick their noses and they are quite good at keeping them covered in saliva. Dogs have long tongues that can easily reach the tip of the nose. Dogs lick their noses to keep them clean, since canine noses get dirty a lot as dogs smell everything. Whether it is smell of food, dirt, dust flower, mud etc. Whether  dogs noses stay dirty and need lots of licking to get clean again. Dogs also lick their noses to gather some of the scent particles inside the mouth. The mucus from the nose, laden with scent particles, is carried to the roof of the mouth where Jacobsen’s organ is located. Licking the nose enhances the sense of smell by facilitating the function of Jacobsen’s organ. Moisture is so important to the canine sense of smell that dogs learn to keep them moist and will automatically lick their noses when they become dry. Smart dogs don’t want to miss out on important information due to a dry nose!

Noses get wet at work.

Dogs nose works hard. With the help of sense of smell and sight look around their surroundings – so they sniff a lot of stuff. Dogs probe with their noses when investigating something new, sticking them into damp grass, leaves, plants, puddles, etc., and they come out with wet noses after they pick up moisture from the environment.

A wet nose is normal, but a dry nose isn’t necessarily abnormal. A healthy and a warm dog, or a dog who just woke from sleep has dry nose. so do not worry.

Both overly wet and dry nose can cause trouble for your dog. Clear nasal discharge is normal but if you notice an overabundance of mucus or if the mucus becomes thick or discolored, call your veterinarian. Nasal discharge can indicate respiratory infections or even foreign bodies in the nasal passages.

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