PM Modi Talks About Adoption of Indian Breed Dogs in "Man ki Baat"

All Indian Dog Breeds List – Everything and Anything u want to Know

In order to encourage pet lovers and pet owners, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded them that dogs of local breed require minimum upkeep and are comfortable with Indian climatic conditions too in his Man ki Baat.

Our Nations pride Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio addressed on Sunday urged to the people of our country – If they are planning to keep dog as pets then adopt dogs of Indian breeds with remarks to his statement which has become a Mantra for all. That is “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

He stated further – I have heard that Indian breed dogs are very good and competent. Whether it is Mudhol hound or the Himachali hound which are best Indian dogs breeds, while the Rajapalayam, Kanni, Chippiparai, and Combai are very good too.

Consider taking the Prime Minister’s advice, we provide you here a list of some of the best Indian breed dogs you can adopt as pets:

  • Mudhol houndsThe Mudhol hounds, these breeds are inducted into the dog squads of the Indian security forces, hail from the bordering region of Karnataka and Maharashtra. These breed of dogs were used in the army of Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajah. Mudhol hounds have narrow heads that are remarkably smaller than their bodies. With thier Height: Male: 68–72 cm, Female: 64–68 cm they are available in Black, White, Fawn, Brindle, Chocolate colors and their weight should be maintained around 9.1 to 13.6 kg. Mudhol hounds to be inducted into NSG dog squad | Deccan Herald
  • RajapalayamThe Rajapalayam named after a city named Rajapalayam in Virudhunagar district these breed of dogs are believed to hail from Tamil Nadu. It is a rare breed that is found only in some pockets of Tamil Nadu. These breeds are lean and muscular and are excellent hunters. They are very affectionate and devoted towards their owners. They are available in white White and their Height is : 65 – 75 cm (Adult, At the withers).Rajapalayam (dog) - Wikipedia
  • Himachali hounds Popularly knows as ‘Gaddi Kutta’. As from the name , they hail from the Himalayan region and resemble a Tibetan Mastiff. These dogs are huge and have a thick fur coat that protect it from extreme cold. Gaddi means shepherded in urdu. these dogs are primarily guard livestock.8 Breeds of Himalayan Mountain Dogs: Sheepdogs, Mastiffs, and More | PetHelpful
  • Kanni – Kanni is another dog that hails from Tamil Nadu. This dog breed is known for being fiercely loyal to their owners  and are primarily hunting dogs. They are mostly used as guard dogs. They Weight around 16–22 kilograms (35–49 lb), their Height is around 64–74 centimetres (25–29 in), they have Coat short coat
    and their Life span is 14 to 16 years if they are kept properly with good nutrition.Native dog breeds take centre stage at the upcoming All Breed Show, that also hopes to initiate dialogue on the need to protect the breeds from extinction - The Hindu
  • Combai – Combai is a famous and cute dog breed from Tamil Nadu that are classified as terriers. They are a rare and dying breed. They have been recently introduced into the dog squad of the Central Reserve Police Force. They are also known as Indian Terrier. They are extremely loyal, powerful breeds. They Weight Male 25–30 kg (55–66 lb) Female 20–25 kg (44–55 lb) with Height Male 40–50 cm (16–20 in) and Litter size 5–10. Their Life span is 9–13 years.The Endangered Combai
  • Indian SpitzA tiny white dog  with thick fur very friendly in nature. easily trainable. They resemble Pomeranian and German Spitz. This dog breed was used in the famous movie “Hum apke hai kaun”. They have Coat Silky texture with curls. They are available in White, Brown colour and their Life span is10–14 Years. Indian Spitz Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health
  • Indian Pariah dogA common available local breed dog is the Indian pariah. They are medium-sized dog with a short coarse tan or brown/ black coat. They are considered to be friendly and healthy and tough, making them ideal pets.The Indian pariah dog (Indie) Groom Box – Captain Zack” Its all about how you look at them that just one look of them will melt your heart. Go out and grab your first Indian breed. This would indeed lesson the stray dogs who are dying either because of starving or any disease or met with an accident in road.”

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