8 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Friends Ever You Can Have

Dogs the Best Friends Ever – Here’s the 8 Reasons Why

Dogs the Best Friends

We’re crazy about every species, but today, let’s talk about dogs, and why they are the best friend you can ever have.

Dogs once comes in your life becomes a part of your life till they actually say i cant entertain you any more or i cannot make you feel cheerful any more.

Dogs understands your emotions, sense your sentiments and react with the most soothing of feelings. However,the most important part is their unconditional love for us alongside an ability to stay till their final gasp is the thing that makes them really uncommon.

  1. Your dog is always there for you :

Even if you are staying alone in your house i bet you can never feel lonely with your dog around. They keep on checking on you with their sweet gestures and eyes always finding you.

2. Your dog will listen to you always.

Regardless of whether it’s about your life, your connections, your day, anything by any stretch of the imagination; he’ll hear you out and react with sweet gestures.

3. Your dog will never argue with you.

Often we feel angry if someone try to argue but in this case unless you don’t give food to your dog in which case be prepared for a loud howl. Otherwise your dog will never argue with you.

4. They show an unconditional love for you and your family.

You might have lots of friends or your family members stay with you or visit you often to your house. Your dog will pay attention to them but at the end of the day he has only you.

5. Your dog is the most happiest one every time they see you.

No matter how many times you enter in your house your dog will greet you every time with the same feelings , same cute eyes , same enthusiasm every time.

6. If your dog wants something, they will come to you immediately.

Getting straight to the point is was dogs like. If they want something they will straight away come to you without any doubt.

7. Your dog always protects you to the best of his abilities.

With the best of their abilities you will always find the dog protecting you every time without carrying about them and whatever situation it may be.

8. Your dog will always play with you whenever you feel like

Your friend or your family member may get bored playing with you. But its not the same in case of dogs. Your dog is clearly your better companion, they will play all around with you even if they are tried they wont stop unless you stop playing with them.

” Dog’s Do Speak but only those who know how to listen “

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