International Dog Day: Take Special Care of Your Furry Friend During Coronavirus Pandemic

International Dog Day: Take Special Care of Your Furry Friend

Happy International Dog Day, 2019! - Lucian Hodoboc

The coronavirus pandemic has been very hard on humans and in result their pets have to bear the brunt too. Here are some ways to keep your furry friends fine amid Covid-19 spread.

Without a doubt Dogs are the most loyal Living beings on this planet. For sure their expressions and their cute eyes can melt anyones heart in absolutely no time.Dogs have remained as mans best friends Since time immemorial among living beings. The International Dog Day is celebrated on August 26 every year in order to honor and respect the deep bond between man and canine,

In this coronavirus pandemic it is our duty and responsibility to take care of these cuet furry beings and protect them from anything that can cause harm to them. This will likewise shields us from getting infected through unkown causes.If you have a canine pet at home during this pandemic, remember the accompanying tips:

1.According to the CDC, a couple of pet cats and canines have been accounted to be contaminated with the COVID-19 out in few nations, in the wake of interacting with individuals testing positive for the infection. Guard your pooches at your homes and don’t leave them unattended.

2. At the point when you take your canines out for a walk, carefully follow standards of physical distancing which is keeping up a 6 feet separation and staying away from crowd place.

3. Do take care of the hygiene of your pets specially who love to lick and bite themselves. Clean your dog often time to time and wash your hands as well before and after touching them.

4. It is not quite not possible for pets to stay without play time. If possible try to make a place in your home or garden for them to play around.

5. Try to take out sometime from your scheduled work and play with you furry friend in home, keep them cheerful as much as you can dont make them feel as something has happened.

6. Keep an eye on their diet and make them perform some regular exercises to keep them feet.

7. cheer them up when they seems to be lazy a bit.

8. Check for any kind ticks if you are taking them out for a walk.

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