10 Most Popular Dog Breed In India - Everything You want To Know

10 Most Popular Dog Breed In India

There are many dog breeds which can be found across all around but the 10 most common dog breeds found specially in India are as follows:


Cute and Adorable Beagle Puppy From 8 Weeks to 8 Months : Cute ...

Lets talk about one of the cutest and loving dog.Beagles are very friendly and intelligent dogs. They are the most adorable and most preferred pet dog breeds worldwide. They are small to medium sized compact dog because of its strong sense of smell they are used as a sniffer dog in airports .They are tricolor or white in combination with black and tan or brown. They have short haired, hard coat of medium length. Their height is around: 13-15 inch and weight should be maintained around: 20 to 25 kgs. Monitoring about the amount and type of food given to them is absolutely necessary as they have a tendency to eat whatever food comes their way. They have a high tendency to over-eat.

German Shepherd

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German Shepherd are considered an all-purpose worker in the dogs kingdom,they are curious, loyal, intelligent and a courageous dog breed. With their extremely caring behavior towards their owners makes them one of the best guard dogs in the world. Being an active and agile breed, the German Shepherd would need a sufficient amount of physical activity daily.Their weight should be managed around – 25 to 35 kgs with regular excersise and there life expectancy is about 9-13 years.Hence German Shepherd require a diet rich in protein as they have faster growth rate.

Great Dane

Great Dane Dog Breed Information

With a great name and as the name suggest Great Dane are often called as the ‘Apollo of Dogs’ these dog breeds are very obedient guard dog and can be trained easily because of their intelligence. They are very friendly dogs and has loving nature towards children, people and other dogs. They are available in black, blue, fawn, mantle, harlequin and brindle colors. There weight should be maintained around 25- 40 kgs and their life spane is around 10-12 years. These kind of dog breed should be fed with high-quality and good quality dog food respective to the dogs age (puppy, adult, or senior). The major concern and primary killer of these kind of breed is bloating where the stomach distends and twists giving them multiple small meals per day and preventing vigorous exercise around mealtimes can help reduce the chances of it happening.


Boxer Dog Breed Profile | Petfinder

These kind of breed are very intelligent and sporty dog and can be trained very easily.They are one of the best guard dogs to keep.Boxer breed has large body and head, a square muzzle and strong jaws. They are gentle, friendly, quiet and protective by nature and are used as guide for blind people. With inherent patience and protective nature they have a good reputation with children specially. They can be found in brindle, fawn and white color. Their life span is 7 to 10 years and their weight should be maintained around 60- 80 kgs.

Labrador Retriever

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With their cute and innocent face Labrador retriever have found a spot in best dogs. Labradors are very famous for their behavior and nature with friendly and companion housemates who bond with the whole family. The main highlight about these breed is their social skills with neighbor dogs and humans are the breeds. They come in yellow, black, and a luscious chocolate color. They weight should be maintained around 65-80 kgs. There life span is about 10-12 years. Labradors require high-quality food in accordance with the dogs age with all the necessary nutrients the breed requires. Labradors are highly prone to obesity.They require occasional grooming as they have thick, water-repellent double coat skin.


Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

A breed which is known for its strength, Rottweiler has a lineage of mastiffs of Roman legions. These dogs are incredibly devoted and loyal to their loved ones making them great family pets.It is highly suggested to socialized them right from puppy-hood to make them well behaved. Even though they have a short coat, they do shed a fair amount of hair. With the help of a dog brush dead undercoats can be removed which can tremendously lower the hair fall. Rottweilers come in colors like Black and Tan or Black and Mahagony. Their weight should be maintained around 40 to 50 kgs and their life span is 8 to 10 years.Rottweilers are easily exposed allergies.There ancestors were used to pull carts, guard homes and herd animals.


Pug Breed Information

These kind of breeds are the best family dogs, Pugs are very ideal for small households and apartment dwellers. Even though they shed still the hair fall is quite low making them very easy to maintain. They don’t need to be bathed regularly unless they get into some dirt or mess. Regular trimming of nails as long nails can cause uneasiness in them. These breeds come in colors like Black, Fawn, Apricot and Silver Fawn. They weight should be maintained around 11-16 kgs. Their life sapn is 12- 15 years.Both homemade and manufactured foods are good for these breeds as long as they are fed healthy calories.
As they are a little vulnerable to obesity, their diet should not contain too much fat. Pugs are highly adaptable dogs who equally cherish to stay at home as well as enjoy the outdoors.

Golden Retriever

How to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy: Growth & Training Timeline

Because of their loving and obedient nature these breeds are very popular with owners as pets . They are very intelligent, can be trained well and excel in competitions. They are very good watch dogs if trained well. Golden Retriever are sturdy, good looking, medium sized dogs. They have a water resistant coat, dense with straight or wavy outer coat requiring regular grooming. They come in cream and rich golden colors. There weight should be maintained around 25-35 kgs and their life span is around 12-15 years if taken good and proper care. once or twice a year Golden Retriever have heavy shedding days So, brushing it on a regular basis is important. During times of heavy shedding, these brushing sessions turn into daily affairs. Nails also need to be well-trimmed.

Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel - A Complete Guide To This Energetic Breed

Cocker Spaniel With dark almond shaped eyes Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog. They have a litter size of average 5 puppies. They are fairly active dog suitable to live in an apartment. They have silky coat of medium length, which is flat or slightly wavy. The colors it is available in are black with tan points, merle, parti-color (white with black, white with black and tan etc.They require good quality meal with necessary ingredients. A chicken and rice–based food has long been a good starting point for Cocker food. There weight should be maintained around 25-35 kgs and there life span is around 10-14 years.


When Are Dachshunds Full Grown? - I Love Dachshunds

A breed full of bundle of energy in a small body, Dachshunds are dogs famous for their ever-alert expression. These dogs come in two sizes, standard and miniature, the miniature being the smaller. Even though they are little dogs, their bark is so loud that it can terrify the visitors at your house. Dachshunds live longer and have an average lifespan of around 15 years.

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